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Problem Set Marmoset (PSM) was created by professional procrastinators Alex Nisnevich and Demie Cheng as an alternative to Written Kitten for people who need to write their papers in LaTeX. If you have less than six hours left before you need to turn in algebra homework (and still can't manage to give a damn), you've come to the right place! Problem Set Marmoset will reward you with an exciting new image of a marmoset every time you type a certain number of characters. Our intent is to lend some positive reinforcement to the scientific sphere of academia.

If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of cute animals on deadlines, let it be known that I am forcing myself to type these very words only with the help of Written Kitten. Desperation knows no bounds. First time here? Make sure to check out the features section to know how you can fiddle with Problem Set Marmoset.

Alex is currently a junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in computer science and mathematics. Demie is a recent Berkeley graduate in linguistics and mathematics. Both enjoy gelato, short stories by Chekhov, and marmosets commending their incremental progress.

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This project is still in its beta stages, so if you encounter any bugs (images fail to load , chunks of LaTeX don't render properly, you start hearing strange voices , etc.), or any other annoyances that we've overlooked, please don't hesitate to contact Alex.

Additionally, if you have any special requests that you'd like to see come into fruition, feel free to drop either of us a line. We'd love to hear your opinions on how PSM can be bettered! Thanks for your support :).

Alex Nisnevich: alex [dot] nisnevich [at] gmail
Demie Cheng: saccharine [dot] luck [at] gmail